Combines maximum cleaning power and skincare. Exceptional value for money.

QUICKS cleans and cares

The innovative “QUICKS“ cleaning wipes easily remove fat, oil residues, silicone, tar, glue, paints, glazes and much more.

Quickly and thoroughly cleans machines, all kinds of tools while at the same time being kind to hands and skin.

Removes also severe soiling from hard surfaces such as tiles and glass.

Cleaning and skincare in one product

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Areas of application

Industrial establishments




Trades and DIY


Home & garden


The problem:

Frequent cleaning with aggressive soaps and cleaning agents such as those often used in industrial enterprises and trade businesses may clean the hands, but attacks the skin’s acid mantle. As a result, the skin absorbs more pollutants and germs from the external environment. Internally, the skin loses more moisture and the hands become rough, dry and chapped.

Rough hands are not only a cosmetic issue. The hands become more susceptible for inflammation, eczema and allergies if the skin’s natural acid mantle is damaged. The result is usually protracted skin disorders.

When doing installation work, one rarely has access to water for washing hands and/or cleaning soiled items.

A wide range of stains, such as those caused by tar, fats, oil residues, paints and silicone, are difficult or even impossible to remove.

The solution:

The natural cleansing and care substances contained in QUICKS easily remove severe soiling from hands and hard items such as machines, tools, tiles, glass etc. The skin-friendly ingredients do not attack the skin’s acid mantle whereas lanolin and the moisturiser refresh and pamper the skin.

Additional skincare products in the workshop become a thing of the past.